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posted by: charles rutley on 9/19/2016

Hello and God bless you please pray for me my name is Charles Rutley I am so lost when it comes to my job I am now at the Galveston location I am the manager here please pray for me I work in Mattress SALES for a company called mattress one I have 100k a month quota to hit and its my first day here pray God shows me favor again even though I am not a perfect guy in Jesus Name let clients come and show me favor with them all IN Jesus Might name!Also my wife and I have been trying for a kid almost 2 months no luck yet pray for me to either get a district manager position with the company im with asap or that I finally get to use my degree and a plant hires me to be a process operator and I succeed and also for my health and familys health and God bless you and ur family amen.
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posted by: charles on 11/9/2015

please pray for my girlfriend stephanie and I to get married soon we are both ready and we make a good team also pray that good would increase my sales to clients at mattress 1 and that my clients would be happy with the service they recieve from me as well as being happy with the produts i sell them in Jesus name also bless me and Stephanie with a child in the near future let me get the good news soon and also with health and a healthy long term death do us part marriage and also for my mother to get financially blessed and meet someone who loves her in Jesus name.And help me be a service to others and relationship with Christ be solid
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posted by: LJ on 7/29/2015

Please pray for Lynn Le. She's an atheist. Pray that she would come to know Christ Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Pray for her salvation. That signs, wonders, dreams, visions, or whatever is necessary for her to become a believer would happen. In Jesus name, Amen.
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posted by: Jonathan on 7/11/2015

Extremely Urgent!! Im in a serious situation and ONLY God can get me out of this. Im so stressed over this it has taken over my every thought, Im losing weight, cant sleep...... PLEASE, it will take a miracle but I believe, men have told me its hopeless but with God ALL things are possible!! PLEASE pray for God to get me out of this!!!! Thank you!
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My Father's Company
posted by: Akil Bonner on 7/31/2014

Please pray for my father's company that we get more clients/business. Thank you.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Alfred on 6/28/2014

Prayer Request Pray for Eric McDonald's Salvation... Abba Father, please bless Eric today.Let this day bring happiness and joy for Eric...May he be enfolded with your love.May Jesus be close to Eric.God bless Eric in the name of Jesus Christ Amen — Alfred from Machias, ME, United States
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Starting a Prayer Meeting
posted by: Seth on 1/11/2014

Please pray for the new prayer meeting I’m starting, connected to a ministry that does Bible studies and reaches out to Christian soldiers (such as me) in Ft Carson—the ministry’s called Cadence. I know that all the great revivals in history started with powerful, collective, persistent prayer. Last time we started with repentance, moved on to praise, worship and thanksgiving, and then started praying for deep change in the hearts and lives of people at Cadence, and that His light will shine through us, and His gospel transform lives through us. I’m asking for prayer, because I want the Presence, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit to be present during the prayer meeting. Pray for a deep, powerful, soul-purging time of repentance. Pray that our hearts will be set on Him, for great faith that He answers prayer, and moves in power to transform lives. Pray that what’s on His heart will be on our hearts—a deep burden, a burning heart for what’s on His heart. Thanks.
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To Learn Powerful Prayer
posted by: Seth on 11/7/2013

Please pray that the Lord will teach me how to pray more powerfully and effectively. Pray that the Lord will teach me how to pray powerfully over my life for holiness and purity, and to pray every morning over the day for protection, especially from sins I'm prone to, and for guidance. The Lord's been teaching me about prayer, and I'm realizing that all revivals and awakenings, and all personal transformation happens mostly through prayer. And true revival includes repentance and holiness, which I deeply need. Pray for the Lord to waken up my prayer life, and develop guidance and discipline in it, and that I'll pray out of deep burden and travail the things that are on His heart.
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Complete Healing Cancer Free Forever
posted by: Anne on 10/24/2013

Please pray for my 2 1/2 year old son name Fred who was diagnosed with Leukemia T Cell ALL. He is now in remission Praise The Lord. He is receiving high dose of chemo. His chemo last for 3 years. Please please pray for my son for COMPLETE HEALING, NO RELAPSE, that cancer will NEVER NEVER COMES BACK, NO MORE CANCER FOREVER,, NO COMPLICATION, NO INFECTION, NO SIDE EFFECT OF CHEMO. Please pray that the chemo will NOT HARM HIS BRAIN, HIS SPINAL CORD, ALL ORGANS, TISSUES, CELLS, NO MORE DISEASES AND SICKNESS, JUST HEALTHY. NO ACCIDENT. Please pray that he WILL LIVE LONG LONG LONG TIME TO PROCLAIM WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE. Thank you so much.
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For Protection
posted by: Seth on 8/9/2013

I’ve just bought a new laptop and gotten internet set up in Ft Carson, my new base. In the past I’ve had problems with porn, and I’d like to protect myself from the possibility right away. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in getting the right internet filtering software—something that works, that doesn’t clog up my system, that I can install on several computers on one plan (I have several computers I need fixed, and once they work, I need them protected). Pray that the Lord will give me wisdom on who should hold the account info. Pray that the Lord will provide someone who has the character, integrity, and godliness to be willing to commit to hold my account info for me, and hold me accountable. Of course, it’s fundamentally a heart issue, and without my heart right, of course nothing would work—so pray for purity of my heart, mind and eyes. Pray that I’ll grow in holiness. Thanks for your prayers—I know they’re powerful.
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