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Prayer & Praise Reports

Starting a Prayer Meeting

 posted by: Seth on 1/11/2014

Please pray for the new prayer meeting I’m starting, connected to a ministry that does Bible studies and reaches out to Christian soldiers (such as me) in Ft Carson—the ministry’s called Cadence. I know that all the great revivals in history started with powerful, collective, persistent prayer. Last time we started with repentance, moved on to praise, worship and thanksgiving, and then started praying for deep change in the hearts and lives of people at Cadence, and that... Read Morehttp://www.trinityhol

To Learn Powerful Prayer

 posted by: Seth on 11/7/2013

Please pray that the Lord will teach me how to pray more powerfully and effectively. Pray that the Lord will teach me how to pray powerfully over my life for holiness and purity, and to pray every morning over the day for protection, especially from sins I'm prone to, and for guidance. The Lord's been teaching me about prayer, and I'm realizing that all revivals and awakenings, and all personal transformation happens mostly through prayer. And true revival includes repentance... Read Morehttp://www.trinityhol

Complete Healing Cancer Free Forever

 posted by: Anne on 10/24/2013

Please pray for my 2 1/2 year old son name Fred who was diagnosed with Leukemia T Cell ALL. He is now in remission Praise The Lord. He is receiving high dose of chemo. His chemo last for 3 years. Please please pray for my son for COMPLETE HEALING, NO RELAPSE, that cancer will NEVER NEVER COMES BACK, NO MORE CANCER FOREVER,, NO COMPLICATION, NO INFECTION, NO SIDE EFFECT OF CHEMO. Please pray that the chemo will NOT HARM HIS BRAIN, HIS SPINAL CORD, ALL ORGANS, TISSUES, CELLS, NO MORE DISEASES... Read Morehttp://www.trinityhol