Our church history began in December of 1995 with a small group of Christian believers that had a desire to serve God with their talent and gifts in a new ministry.  In the beginning, services were held in the Imperial Tax Offices on Roberts Avenue in Lumberton and approximately 22 people were in attendance for the first Sunday morning worship service.  About the second meeting, these believers held elections for church officers, teachers, and other levels of service to our Lord.  At this time, another decision was made to name the new church:  The Trinity Holiness Church.  Pentecostal emphasis was the theme in music, preaching, and types of services held in these first meetings.  God added His blessings and approval as souls were won in the altars, and numbers of people were healed by Divine intervention.
            The early church was fortunate to be blessed with solid ministry and preaching by Brother Joseph Hayes, Brother Earl Lupo, various laymen, and other anointed preachers in services.  Not one time was the pulpit empty and without a man of God to minister His Word.  Brother Joseph Hayes was called to serve as the first pastor of the new church.  Elected pastors that followed Brother Hayes included:  Brother Alan Phillips, Brother Russell Kinlaw, Jr., Brother Glen Prosser, Brother Barry Bryant, Brother Tim Williford, Jr., and Brother Jami Lewter.  Brother Jami Lewter continues to serve God and lead us at this time.  These men have served God well in their respective capacities for the Trinity Holiness Church.
            After beginning services in the Imperial Tax offices, the church was able to move to a building on Fayetteville Road owned by Brother David Stephenson.  Men and women, boys and girls, along with many other contributors helped to modify this building into a church where services were held regularly and attendance began a steady growth that continues to this day.  The people attended regular fellowship meetings and dinners and strong bonds were formed as many believers discovered or rediscovered their abilities, talents, and skills that could be used to serve the Lord in the new Church.  Approximately 4 ½ years was spent in this remodeled facility.
            Due to much prayer, and a need to have additional room for the growing church, God provided an opportunity to purchase land from Brother Carr Gibson further north on Fayetteville Road to begin construction of new church facilities.  Brother Gibson had a desire for a number of years that the property be used for the Lord’s work.  Countless times, God opened doors and added His blessings to these efforts to move forward in this endeavor.  Financial miracles were witnessed by all that trusted God and watched Him make the way possible to continue building.
            Groundbreaking services were held on June 13th, 1999 for construction of an educational building with a sanctuary to accommodate the needs of the church that would not stop growing.  The first services in the newly constructed building were held on August 13th, 2000 with dedication services following.  This building was built and is being used today for all services and functions.  God made it possible to have a pastor’s study, church administration offices, and enough rooms to allow for 12 Sunday School classes.
            God has again blessed the church in 2003 with a new building that will serve the Trinity Holiness Church family as a means to have Christian fellowship at events such as weddings, dinners, and activities for our young people.
            As we have watched some of our most dedicated Christian saints leave this earth to go on to their heavenly reward, God has allowed us to see others added to the church family in various areas of ministry.  These new brothers and sisters are serving the Lord and working to cultivate the seeds sown earlier by the now departed saints.
            It remains our intent to welcome and share the Lord’s blessings with all that can come and worship Him together with us.  We have been and continue to be a people with a vision to win souls in these last days of the harvest prior to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Shelton Hill
August 9th, 2015